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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use of an Online Store - General Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 1 June 2018



We welcome you to our online store Sticky, which sells the products of the company under the name of AGGELIS ALEXANDROS and the distinctive title "Sticky", located at 207 Heraklion Avenue, Nea Ionia, Athens, Tax number 066899843, Tax Office Nea Ionia, tel. 210 9814796

The promotion, - presentation, selling, transport, storing, delivering and returning of our products displayed on this site as well as  the protection of your personal data and the security of your transactions are governed by these terms of use, which we invite you to read before navigating to Sticky and making your purchases.By navigating through Sticky website as well as by making any transactions or communication with our company  you accept these terms unconditionally..In the event of your dispute or reservation of part or all of these terms, you may send your relevant e-mail to info@sticky.gr prior to your navigation or transaction, otherwise the acceptance of all terms by you is unconditional.

Our company reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice of Sticky (in whole or in part) of the user / consumer / guest / member of Sticky: 

part or all of these terms of use, (b) part or all of the content of Sticky and (c) part or all of the Sticky's interface, structure, or configuration, as well as its technical wspecifications. In addition, the company reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice from the user / consumer / visitor / member of Sticky, to terminate, suspend or terminate Sticky. The user / consumer / consumer / member of Sticky fully recognizes and accepts all of the above with the sole navigation and / or use of the services.


The online store STICKY displays, promotes and sells the products it produces or the products of the suppliers it partners with. The company reserves the right to freely choose the products it displays at Sticky and modify, renew and / or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice. The same applies to its pricing policy, any bids and discounts it may choose and freely carry out, as well as modify, renew and / or withdraw at any time and without prior notice and / or deadline.


At Sticky, all products are ours and Greek products, in order to provide you with a very wide range of products at the best possible prices.  Therefore, although we take every possible measure of the availability of our products as it appears in Sticky, there may be a case that a product displayed on Sticky may not be available or not available within the Sticky delivery time for reasons that are not fall into our own sphere of influence (such as lack of raw materials).

For this reason and in order to fully inform you and protect you from unpredictable events, the orders are completed as follows:


You can browse our online store, freely choose the products of your choice and place them in your shopping cart. Then, following the 'steps' you indicate at any time, you will need to send your request for order to our company. In order serve you better and facilitate your future purchases on your first order, register as a Sticky user by filling in all of your personal information requested in the corresponding registration form. Then, each time you complete your purchases, you fill in all the details of your ordering request that appear on the order form. All data sent to our company fall under the strict Privacy Policy maintained by our Company and are collected and processed with complete security and diligence and only upon your express consent to the delivery of the above form. In any case, whenever you submit a request for order to our company, you must first accept the present terms of use governing the transactions between us as set out in Article 1 above. You are also responsible for the correctness and legality of the above given data, which our Company knows only on your statement. 

By sending your request to order an automated message that includes the details of the order request that our company will receive will appear, which is also sent to us and to the email address you have provided us. All your requests are received by us subject to the availability check of the products included in your order request (which is checked after the start of the processing step following your request). At the stage of receiving your request and automatically viewing the content of your order request, your request has not yet been processed by our company. 


If your order request is sent to you from 9.00 to 13.30 on a working day and time (Monday to Friday), then you will receive a prompt message at the email address you have stated that your request is being processed by our company. Otherwise, you will receive this message within the next business day. When processing your request, the availability of all products that are included in your order request is checked.

i) If all the products included in your request are available within the delivery time stated in our online store then you will be sent a message to the e-mail address and / or the mobile phone number you have indicated to us confirming your order and which will include all the details of it. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our courier company. 

ii) If one/more item(s) are not available in the order and / or a product will be available after the delivery time listed in our online store, then our Company will contact you either with a message to your e-mail address and / or to the mobile phone number you have given us, either by direct contact with you through a representative (or in all of the above ways) in order to arrange you any modification, correction or cancellation of your order. If your contact can not be reached within 10 days of sending your request, your request will be canceled automatically and you will have to send a new request again to us. In any case, any new order (modified or not) will be sent to you again with a new email and / or mobile phone you have declared to us, and this will be the confirmation of your order under which you will your order. The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our courier company. iii) Our Company may contact you via e-mail and / or message on the mobile phone that you have indicated to us during your registration throughout and until your order has been delivered to you on any issue the receipt, processing, execution and / or transfer of your order and / or payment and / or return of the products or for anything else. The parties agree that such communication (by e-mail and / or message to your mobile phone-sms) also covers the legal requirements for your written information, disclosure, confirmation of your order, where and when the law so requires . If you wish to express your objections, or to provide you with clarifications on the content of a message you have received in the above, or for any other reason, you may contact us at the following telephone numbers: 210 2240100 from landline and mobile.


In order to provide you with a better and more complete service, our company provides an array of ways to pay for the products you are interested in buying, which, as analyzed below, is linked, among other things, to the time of processing your order request and / or the time of shipment to you. Once you've decided which payment process suits you, you choose the appropriate payment method at the appropriate place in your order form and enter your required details if needed. The collection and processing and payment details you send to us fall under the strict Privacy Policy maintained by our company and are collected and processed with complete security and diligence and only upon your consent given to us by sending the order request your. Especially for credit card payments, all the necessary security measures that ensure maximum protection in your electronic transactions and secure your payments are taken in cooperation with the financial institutions involved are taken. 


(a) For the return of products ordered online or by telephone, the return of the products irrespective of their cause will be effected after consultation with the competent department by telephone 210 2240100 from fixed and mobile, always within the deadline and under the conditions set forth Return Policy (Article 7) during working days and hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:30).



Most of the products on our website are produced as a custom order at customer's request in different dimensions, different shades, and different directions, and some designs include the ability to write the name you want. For these reasons these products can not be returned for any reason. Specifically, any product which has more than one choice, e.g. color change, dimension selection, directional selection can not be returned.  The colors displayed of the products are indicative and may have a slight variation with the actual ratio due to different settings on each screen. For other products, you have the right to return the product you received within 14 calendar days unjustifiably from the day you received it, at no cost other than return (courier, shipping, post or other), which will be on your own your responsibility and your own costs (unless otherwise specified by the Company as a whole or specifically for specific products). Necessary conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal within 14 days are: Do not use the product and return all items in the best condition without damage, without any defects (subject to the return of a defective product), whole and within their packaging (for items received in a special pack fragile products - should be returned in their special packaging) and must be accompanied by all the necessary documents. 


a) Our company takes every possible measure to ensure that all products (regardless of their species) are packaged specifically and carefully to reach you without damage. Also, our company knows that fragile and / or sensitive products are among its products and therefore takes all the necessary measures (in cooperation with its suppliers and transporters) to send these items in special packaging protect them completely against any damage during transportation and / or storage. In very rare cases, however, there is a risk that some of these products will be damaged when shipped to you. Also in very rare cases you may receive a product with a defect. For this reason, and irrespective of your above-mentioned right of withdrawal, which is not affected, we invite you to check the products upon receipt.

b) If you receive the product without expressing a specific reservation, it means that you have received the product from our company unreservedly.  However, if you find that there is a deterioration and / or a defect in the product, you can contact us by e-mail at info@sticky.gr and / or by telephone at 210 2240100 from landline and mobile, declaring us you wish to be sent a replacement or if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.

c) In the effort to satisfy our customers' expectations of the products you choose from STICKY, we offer the possibility of returning to all products for exchange or full refund within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the products based on the documents acceptance, provided that they meet the following conditions.

Please note that:

We reserve the right to refuse refunds for returned products that have not been returned in accordance with the terms of return policy set out below. You may also be asked to pay the shipping cost of those goods that will be returned back to you in case of non-compliance. The following conditions must be met for the return of products to STICKY: The request for an exchange refund shall not exceed 10 working days from the date of delivery based on the receipt documents.

Returns and exchanges must be made in the original condition that you received the product. In the event of a company error, the return is accepted if you notify us in a period not exceeding 5 working days. We fully refund the money that corresponds to the value of the order and the shipping costs or we undertake to replace the product with the correct refund at our own expense of the error and sending it the right one. In the event that no mistake is made by our company, only the amount of money corresponding to the value of the products is refunded and the shipping costs are borne exclusively by the customer. In the event that no mistake is made by our company, refunds for custom made products (custom made) are not accepted. Returns of your money are made within 30 days of the return and receipt of the products from us. To refund your money, you must state the account to which you wish to deposit. For returns, receipt is required. In the event of an invoice being issued, the return shall be made by means of a dispatch note. Before returning the product please contact us at 210 2240100. 

If the product meets the above criteria, you can freely send it back to us for a replacement or a refund. Otherwise, we reserve the right not to accept the return. Please remember that we can proceed with the refund if return products meet all of the above conditions and are suitable for sale. The return of a non-defective product and the refund to the customer, the initial shipping costs are borne by the customer and deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. For the return of a non-incorrect, undamaged or generally non-defective product for the purpose of refunding, the customer shall bear the cost of sending the refund. The customer always has the responsibility of sending back to our office premises, since as a consignee it is not possible for our company to search your package at any mail / transport. 


It is possible to cancel your order in the following cases: 

a) Before sending / receiving the product - Cancellation is possible by sending an e-mail to info@sticky.gr or by phone to 210 2240100 from landline and mobile. 

b) After receiving the product - You can exercise your right to cancel within 14 calendar days.


a) Use / Sticky Operation Both parties (company and consumer) are bound to the correct and good faith and fair use and operation of the site. To have proper and complete access to Sticky JavaScript language as well as the ability to download cookies must be enabled in the browser. To use Sticky it is recommended to use the latest versions of browsers. The company takes all necessary measures for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of Sticky, but reserves the exclusive right, and the consumer accepts it, to interrupt permanently or temporarily the operation of Sticky with or without warning to users / members and visitors Sticky. In any case, the user / consumer / visitor / member takes responsibility and agrees that they will not use Sticky to send, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any content is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violation of someone else's privacy, showing empathy, or expressing racial, national or other discrimination, can cause harm to minors in any way, is not entitled (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or any other intellectual property rights, other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to cause interruption, damage, not destruction or equipment the operation of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally contravenes existing Greek and EU legislation and provisions that may impede third in any way and any content used to collect or store personal data about other users. 

b) Content Sticky 

The company is taking all due care for the proper publication - display of the information related to the products it promotes through Sticky. However, our company is not responsible for possible errors in the operation of the electronic department store in the listed and displayed information (such as, but not limited to, the price, availability, photo, kind, etc.) that may be due to technological failures, typographical and / or "human" mistakes and / or incorrect information from suppliers, even if they are negligent. If you find an error before and / or after the completion of your order, we invite you to send an email to info@sticky.gr and / or contact us at 210 2240100. In any case, however, if you find an error, we invite you not to send an order request before our company is notified and to clarify the issue. Our company reserves the right and the user / consumer / visitor / member of Sticky accepts, to modify the listed prices and changes and / or withdraws offers at any time with or without prior notice from users / consumers / visitors / members of Sticky. 


The entire content of Sticky (other than third-party assets, eg copyrights of third parties, affiliates, agencies, etc.), ie, but not limited to, texts, photographs, designs, commercial and financial records, logos, Sticky etc. are the intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European and international conventions, intellectual property rights. Under no circumstances should their appearance and display in Sticky be construed as transferring and / or licensing and / or the right to use them. Based on the above, it is expressly prohibited to copy, distribute, transfer, process, store, reproduce, republish, modify, and reproduce, all or any related action expressly, in whole or in part, without the express prior written consent of the company. Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual / industrial property rights of the company, which reserves the right to claim any positive and consequential damages incurred to it in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. The user / consumer / guest / member of Sticky accepts and acknowledges that the company has the ability to make commercial use (either by itself or by third parties) of all the elements that appear on Sticky as well as to modify it whenever it wishes with or without previous notice to users / consumers / visitors / members of Sticky.


The issue of protecting your personal data is a very serious issue for our company that is treated as a top priority. 


Our company recognizes as a matter of major importance the issue of data and transaction security and therefore takes all necessary measures to safeguard them. The site protects its members from any data interceptions with the data encryption method. Customer details are not disclosed to third parties and while browsing the site remain encrypted and therefore not visible to third parties unauthorized. Encryption is valid at all stages and procedures for the transaction and sending of your personal data to and from Sticky, as illustratively in the shopping cart, the log in, the order form, when transferring data from and to the company etc. Also in the process of executing credit card payments, credit details are protected by the 128bit encryption method. The data remains encrypted and is not disclosed to any 3rd person. 

The codes used to identify you are: a) the Entry Code (e-mail or username); and b) the Personal Security Password (password), which each time you register them give you access with complete security to your personal information. You can change the above codes whenever and as often as you like. The only person who has access to your information is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for keeping secrecy and hiding it from third parties. In case of loss or leakage you must immediately notify us, otherwise our company is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person.For security reasons, we recommend that you change these codes at regular intervals and avoid the use of the same and easily detectable codes, possibly using not only letters and numbers, but also symbols for creating your passwords. 


The user / consumer / visitor / member of Sticky fully and indisputably accepts the sole right of the company to discontinue use of Sticky's access codes and discontinue Sticky's content and information whenever it deems it company) that these terms are violated by him (user / consumer / visitor / member) or that there are or are indications and / or complaints that illegal acts or omissions are being committed by him / her. It may also discontinue, suspend, modify Sticky in whole or in part, permanently or temporarily at any time with or without prior notice to the user / consumer / visitor/ member of Sticky. The company and its partners make every effort, within the framework of the technology audit they perform at regular intervals, to ensure that Sticky's services, content and transactions are seamlessly and intermittently maintained and maintain the high level of security at its disposal. However, it is not responsible if, for any reason, including negligence, Sticky is disrupted or becomes difficult and / or impossible to access and / or if, despite the security measures in place, "viruses" or other harmful software and transmitted to the user / visitor terminals, or if third parties unauthorized persons interfere in any way with the content and operation of the site, making it difficult to use or causing problems in the correct operation of this or subject ing information relating to personal data of clients and registered users of Sticky. 

In addition, the Company has no liability for any third party advertising on Sticky, and is not responsible for any matter arising from the eventuality of any commercial transaction between the user and the third advertiser.Furthermore, our company is not responsible for any legal or civil and / or criminal claims, nor for any damage (positive, special or incidental, which is indicative and not limitation, alternative and / or cumulative loss of profits, data , loss of earnings, monetary satisfaction, etc.) by users / consumers / visitors / members of Sticky or third parties due to a cause related to the operation or not and / or the use of Sticky and / or inability to provide services or / and information provided by the company through of Sticky and / or any unauthorized third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information made available through it and / or security gaps created. In any case, however, and if any of the above is due to a proven deception of the company, the company is liable only to cover any positive damage suffered by the injured party and directly related to the above and the company's deception. All limitations of liability contained in these terms of use that are recognized and accepted by the user / consumer / guest / member of Sticky as a whole are valid and in accordance with good faith and honesty.


Sticky may contain references to websites for the content and services of which the company has no responsibility nor does it guarantee their continued and secure accessibility. Therefore, for any problem encountered during the visit / use of these websites, the user / visitor must address directly to the respective websites, which bear the sole responsibility for remedying this problem. The company should not in any way be deemed to accept or adopt the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or is linked to them in any way. For any problem that arises when visiting the websites as sole responsibility is the respective administrator / owner of the website. 


(a) Jurisdiction - Applicable Law - Any dispute arising in connection with the operation and use of the site, if the consensual settlement can not be settled, competent shall be the courts of the City of Athens. For any dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions and any other matter concerning the use of Sticky, applicable law is Greek law. 

b) Invalidity of a term - If any of the aforementioned terms are or become invalid, the other terms of this convention shall not be affected.

c) Modification of Terms of Use - These Terms of Use may be modified at any time by the Company with or without prior notice. Any changes to the terms apply to their posting to Sticky and our users / members are required to inform themselves of the content of any changes / changes to the terms.

d) Interpretative term - At any point in the present, refunding and / or crediting the client's account is always meant as interest-free.

e) Headings - The headings used in these terms of use are intended to facilitate the referral in terms of its terms and are not intended to be instrumental in interpreting the Convention.

f) Delay in exercising the right - Any delay in the exercise by the parties (company and consumer) of part or all of the rights deriving from these terms does not result in a weakening or waiving of this right, which may be exercised at any time later fair judgment of the beneficiary.

h) Acceptance of Terms - The user / consumer / visitor / member of Sticky states that he / she has read these terms and accepts them as a whole and that he / she acknowledges that they govern all the services provided by Sticky throughout his / with Sticky.

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